• Zen Collection

    Zen Collection    #785

    These organically inspired patterns evoke an ethereal or dreamlike sensation, perfect for relaxed interior or exterior environments. Created from Bella-Dura® yarns, these selections meet 1,500 hours of lighfastness and are bleach cleanable.

  • Versailles Collection

    Versailles Collection    #A01

    Inspired by the exquisite palace and plush gardens of Versailles in France, these chenille styles infuse beauty, strength and comfort with timeless patterns and colors.

  • Orient Express

    Orient Express    #753

    Climb aboard and experience the allure of the Orient Express through pattern, texture and color.

  • Freestyle Collection

    Freestyle Collection    #819

    Freestyle collection goes to the extreme by using inherently stain resisting fibers. Woven in the U.S.A, this five pattern group boldly unfolds into sixty fresh color combinations that can be used independently or paired together.

  • Trilogy

    Trilogy    #759

    With a trendy color palette, the Trilogy patterns make a great statement on their own or when used as coordinates.

  • Algorithms

    Algorithms    #098

    Inspired by mathematics, Algorithms unique styling blends tailored looks with a playful approach. The combination of diverse patterns and colors within this collection will solve any upholstery seating challenge presented.

  • Free & Easy Collection

    Free & Easy Collection    #164

    Take a deep cleansing breath and relax. Our Free and Easy collection is here with three distinct patterns and 52 trendy colorways.

  • Charrette Collection

    Charrette Collection    #178

    The Charrette Collection combines mid and small scale Crypton@ patterns along with coated fabrics, makes mixing and coordinating selections a breeze.

  • Safari Collection

    Safari Collection    #138

    No passport is needed to tour our Safari Collection! Explore the hand crafted selections inspired by lush textures of the African scenery from thatched roofs, dried clay, tribal garments, and baskets, along with the amazing animals that roam the land.

  • Karma

    Karma    #120

    Ever think that things happen for a reason? Call it fate, destiny or happenstance; these patterns were meant to be together.

  • Textures

    Textures    #159

    Douglass has added a mini fan deck to our sampling offerings! This versatile "easy to access tool" is perfectly sized to fit your backpack, purse, desk drawer or glove compartment.

  • Boardwalk

    Boardwalk    #093

    Our Boardwalk Collection honors the fun, history and resilience of the New Jersey shoreline. From classic to trendy, the faux leathers of this collection combines dynamic textures, printed patterns and a plethora of strong colors.

  • Bespoke

    Bespoke    #083

    Accommodations: aesthetic design solutions
    Inspired by men's tailored suiting patterns, the Bespoke Collection, embodies this timeless look through weave structures and unique yarns

  • Chroma

    Chroma    #077

    Let your fingers explore the luxe textures while your eyes take in the vast array of hues. Treated with Incase, Chroma's selections are sure to enhance any interior environment.

  • Rain or Shine

    Rain or Shine    #149

    Created for both indoor and outdoor seating, this collection includes a special latex that will not break down with repeated water introductions.

  • Charter

    Charter    #002

    Suite and Low: enhanced upholstery value
    Inspired by the buzzing energy of lobbies, quads and public spaces, Charter is a playful, yet sophisticated range of tailored stripes, dynamic geometrics, and small scale seating patterns.

  • Maison

    Maison    #026

    Palisades: when performance is paramount
    Maison from Douglass is a selection of fabrics that captures the very essence of home and the vision it embodies.

  • Pastiche

    Pastiche    #963

    Palisades: when performance is paramount
    A unique correlation of both Crypton and urethane product are represented in the Douglass Pastiche collection

  • Synergy

    Synergy    #693

    Palisades: when performance is paramount
    Take your seating to the next level with clean crisp patterns, infused with energetic colors. Enhanced with Crypton®, this selection of durable fabrics provides years of easy maintenance.

  • Cross Country

    Cross Country    #577

    Palisades: when performance is paramount
    While traveling across the US, one can only be amazed by the ever changing scenery. These 11 select locations has influenced a unique textural collection found in the Cross Country group.

  • Runway

    Runway    #590

    Palisades: when performance is paramount
    The Runway Collection showcases an array of contemporary yet nostalgic patterns, in both sophisticated tones accentuating the crisp, clean and saturated colors.

  • Downtown

    Downtown    #593

    Environs: alternative upholstery/contract applications
    Textural woven looks, embossed patterns and selective printed looks in today's faux leathers colors. A perfect blend of opportunities to make an impact and yet appease housekeeping!

  • Writer's Block™

    Writer's Block™

    Environs: alternative upholstery/contract applications
    These six polyurethane patterns are finished with a proprietary ink resistant technology which offers the highest level of cleanability available in the market.

  • Salon

    Salon    #244

    Palisades: when performance is paramount
    Seduced by the Art Deco, Asian, and traditional European stylings, and enhanced with the Incase treatment, the Salon Collection evokes a perception of glamour and luxury.

  • Contempo Collection

    Contempo Collection    #166

    Contempo's mix and match palettes of bold geometrics, soft textures, and variegated solids will add modern sensibility to any furniture frame.

  • Essentials

    Essentials    #221

    Suite and Low: enhanced upholstery value
    Built with strong ombre textures, small scale Missoni looks to updated geometrics, the Essentials Collection will heighten any room setting.

  • Perspectives

    Perspectives    #979

    Suite and Low: enhanced upholstery value
    Comfort, color and imagination score high along with rub testing and construction. Actualize your dreams for that "perfect" fabric to complete your signature project.

  • Smart Choice

    Smart Choice    #978

    Suite and Low: enhanced upholstery value
    Competitively priced, Sophisticated and simple, Mid and small scale patterns, Enhanced performance and durability, Trend setting selection of contract upholstery fabrics.

  • Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope    #243

    Environs: alternative upholstery/contract applications
    Kaleidoscope offers a intermingling of diverse patterns and colorways with new combinations of similar elements, this collection promotes durable contract standards.

  • Take Stock in America

    Take Stock in America

    Working with American upholstery fabric mills promises you...

  • Connoisseur

    Connoisseur    #069

    Palisades: when performance is paramount
    Broad colorations delight those searching for an easy to maintain, price sensitive Crypton® fabric. Explore exciting new avenues from bold graphic statements to impeccable coordinates.

  • Transitions

    Transitions    #195

    Evergreen: sustainable textiles
    Transition's barrier fabrics have innovative constructions, saturated colors and unique woven motifs in a palette embracing bold stripes, distinctive geometrics and signature organics.

  • Glistening Path, Radiant Fusion, Reflecting Pool

    Glistening Path, Radiant Fusion, Reflecting Pool    #266, 267, 268

    Glistening Path, Radiant Fusion, and Reflecting Pool from Douglass feature innovative patterns encompassing the latest advances in seating fabric design including new antimicrobial technologies and integrated moisture barriers.

  • Natural Harmony, Peaceful Prairie, Tidal Sands

    Natural Harmony, Peaceful Prairie, Tidal Sands    #272, 273, 274

    Natural Harmony, Peaceful Prairie, Tidal Sands from Douglass feature innovative patterns encompassing the latest advances in seating fabric design including new antimicrobial technologies and integrated moisture barriers.

  • New Leaf, Vintage Patina, Warm Sands

    New Leaf, Vintage Patina, Warm Sands    #227, 228, 229

    New Leaf, Vintage Patina, and Warm Sands from Douglass feature innovative patterns encompassing the latest advances in seating fabric design including new antimicrobial technologies and integrated moisture barriers.

  • Thera-Tex Healthcare

    Thera-Tex Healthcare

    Douglass is pleased to introduce Thera Tex upholstery products, a unique selection of woven fabrics, vinyls and faux leathers specifically developed for the Healthcare environment.

  • Polyurethane Foam

    Polyurethane Foam

    Douglass Foam Division is a full-range fabricator of polyurethane foam rubber, also offering bonded dacron wrap, throw pillows, outdoor foam, and other specialty items.

  • Entourage

    Entourage    #035

    Evergreen: sustainable textiles
    A unique selection of urethanes designed and colored for the hospitality, healthcare, corporate, educational, restaurants, and cruise ships markets.

  • Greenbrier

    Greenbrier    #875

    Evergreen: sustainable textiles
    Encompassing ten patterns with sixty one classic color combinations, this exciting Crypton® program is perfect for hospitality, healthcare, and all commercial projects.

  • Artisan

    Artisan    #950

    Environs: alternative upholstery/contract applications
    Soft and supple, innovative faux leather patterns that promise memorable aesthetics and design interest, without compromising superior performance.

  • Green Crypton

    Green Crypton    #977

    Palisades: when performance is paramount
    Douglass Delivers environmentally responsible yarns, Crypton® Technology, Terrific Colors, Beautiful Patterns.

  • Enhanced Merit

    Enhanced Merit    #572

    Suite and Low: enhanced upholstery value
    Favorite patterns updated to reflect today's color trends. Find that perfect grey to pair up with a fresh green! Budget friendly yet durable offerings to update any interior décor.

  • Encore

    Encore    #975

    Environs: alternative upholstery/contract applications
    Urethanes offering the highest levels of abrasion, cleanablity and flame resistance, these are appropriate for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

  • Tropics

    Tropics    #779

    Environs: alternative upholstery/contract applications
    A unique collection of faux leather designs that promote technical excellence without compromising the design standards of the professional specifier community.

  • Presidio

    Presidio    #763

    Palisades: when performance is paramount
    A remarkable blend of durability, enhanced performance, and outstanding style having a contemporary flair in both design and color make Presidio a unique and innovative fabric collection.

  • Habitat

    Habitat    #770

    Environs: alternative upholstery/contract applications
    A collection of eight unique and novel patterns of upholstery vinyls which encompass exotic animal skins, novelty textures, and contemporary metallics.

  • Best of Suite Style Crypton<sup>®</sup>

    Best of Suite Style Crypton®    #947

    Palisades: when performance is paramount
    The perfect blend of traditional, transitional and contemporary patterns, this group offers many creative possibilities.

  • Studio

    Studio    #942

    Environs: alternative upholstery/contract applications
    An array of faux leathers that boast unprecedented softness while meeting the demands of the hospitality, healthcare, and contract markets.

  • Amenities

    Amenities    #442

    Suite and Low: enhanced upholstery value
    Rich in texture and intense color, Amenities is startlingly opulent for a contract seating collection. This compilation has broad appeal and functional application.

  • Classic Impressions

    Classic Impressions    #573

    Suite and Low: enhanced upholstery value
    Blending timeless looks with refined constructions and stylish color combinations, the appeal of these polyester fabrics is further increased with Teflon® and a flame retardant backing

  • Polyurethanes (PVC free)

    Environs: alternative upholstery/contract applications
    Providing the most realistic faux leathers with respect to hand, feel and look, polyurethanes lend themselves to a wide range of decorative finishes.

  • Contract Upholstery Vinyl

    Contract Upholstery Vinyl

    Environs: alternative upholstery/contract applications
    Versatile enough to stimulate the look of both woven upholstery and leather fabrics while providing a easy cleanable stain resistant finish.

  • Green Passages

    Green Passages    #276

    Palisades: when performance is paramount
    Green Crypton® patterns that stand-out as a solo statement or challenge new boundaries with inimitable coordinates.

  • Tour de Touch

    Tour de Touch    #231

    Palisades: when performance is paramount
    The Tour de Touch collection from Douglass in soft hand wovens, supple textures, sumptuous velvet. Exclusively engineered with the InCase™ finish from Crypton.