Zen Collection

Zen Collection

Take a deep breath, pause … then slowly exhale to find your inner peace with the Zen Collection. These organically inspired patterns evoke an ethereal or dreamlike sensation, perfect for those relaxed interior or exterior environments. Created from Bella-Dura® yarns, these selections meet 1,500 hours of lighfastness and are bleach cleanable when needed.

  • Balance on one foot if you can and look closer within the subtle puzzle like blocks. There you will find a figure in a single pose or position as defined in Asana.

  • Incense captures the wonderfully intoxicating yet hazy patchouli smoke rising up gently through the air.

  • Namaste respects that "the spirit within me salutes the spirit within you" in these coordinating solids.

  • Om is the prime mantra of the higher self that attunes us with our true nature.

  • Origami's structural elements captures the Japanese art of paper folding.

  • Reflection brings back childhood memories of gently skipping a flat pebble across calm waters.

  • The diamond cut outs emulate the translucent areas of a Shoji screen allowing some light in while providing some privacy.

  • Tatami is a modern take on early Japanese floor coverings.

Patterns in #785 Zen Collection collection: